11 Days Best of Uganda Safari

11 Days Discovering Remote Mt Elgon, Kidepo Valley & Murchison Falla National Park
This package offers you an opportunity to discover the secret of remote Mt Elgon, interact with communities in Karamoja and Acholi, and enjoy safari experience in Kidepo valley and Murchison falls National Parks, Track Rhinos at Ziwa. The highlights of this trip are Communities around Mt elgon, Karamoja, Acholi, Game drive safaris in Kidepo valley and Murchison falls national park.

Day 1:Transfer to Mt Elgon National Park
Drive to Mt Elgon using the 235 eastern route through Jinja town and mbale on tarmac road at the western base of Mt Elgon, before climbing to Kapchorwa on the mountain’s north-western flunk with fantastic scenic views before reaching sipi.

Day 2:Visit to Sipi Falls
After breakfast take a community organized walk to sipi falls for different view of this magnificent cascade. This falls on the north and western sides of Mt Elgon rise in a series of massive basalt cliffs, often several kilometers in length over which the mountain’s rivers plunge as beautiful waterfalls and the best known are three waterfalls at Sipi on Kapchorwa road, just outside the park, the lowest of these, the lowest of these falls is the most spectacular as it cascades over a 100m cliff. The second known as Simba, plunges 69m over the entrance to a cave. Visitors can stand in the cave and enjoy a view of the back of the falls. The Third Waterfalls also known as Ngasire, gushes over an 87m high ridge. Sipi falls is less than an hour’s drive from Mbale on a paved road. Waterfalls are also found at Sasyi and Bulago, Chebonet and Wanale.

Day 3:Coffee Tour at Sipi Widows Group
Discover the local culture, visit the sipi widows group for a guided walk around the coffee plantation as you learn how to plant coffee, pick, grind, store and clean the beans. Along the way you will meet the residents, learn about life of the sabiny people and participate in traditional weaving, African cooking demonstrations will give you a chance to prepare and taste traditional dishes.

Day 4:Transfer to Moroto
After breakfast drive to moroto the administrative and regional capital of north-eastern, home town to the Uganda’s singular group the karamajong nomadic pastolists whose love for cattle has an obsessive quality rivalling that of Masai of Tanzania and Kenya and driving through this remote scenic area is an interesting one

Day 5:Visit to the Karamajong Manyattas in Moroto

After Breakfast visit the Karamojong community and learn their way of living as nomads who keep animals in big numbers. The Karamojong of North-eastern Uganda are divided into six groups, each with its own dialect of the Nilotic karamoja language, two of these groups, the Napore and Nyangia, have largely forsaken their traditional ways for an Agriculture-based life style, while a third , the Tueso, are hunters-gatherers who have moved from the dry plains into the mountains.

Day 6:Transfer to Kidepo Valley National Park
After Breakfast transfer to Kidepo valley national park. The distance between Moroto and Kidepo valley national park is 250km and the drive will take the best part of the day which is the best for the adventurous travelers with fanstic view extending over the endless plains in an open horizon that never end, the drive is scenic and long.

Day 7:Morning Game drive in Kidepo Valley National Park

After breakfast, drive around the park as you enjoy and witness that Kidepo is perhaps indeed it’s the only Ugandan Refuge for the number of species, including, Cheetah, Bat eared Fox, Striped Hyena and Caracal, enjoy Elephants, Buffalos, Giraffes, Elands and Zebras. Explore the Park which is rich in Big Game massive on scenery and its vast scale. Enjoy the spectacular views of one of East Africa’s’ magnificent wilderness roamed by the game. Enjoy the Narus Valley the prime game viewing area for Buffalos, Giraffes on the drier slopes above, and scan the rock out crops for Lions and drive back to the lodge. Enjoy the dotted Manyattas homesteads of Karamoja’s fiercely traditional pastoralists enjoy and witness the common thread lingers all the way down to the most rural of setting making your experience through remote region one that reflects a complex and fascinating nation that has always found a way of turning struggles into joy

Day 8:Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park
After breakfast transfer to Murchison Falls National Park using the same Kitgum- Gulu Road. Enjoy the dotted Manyattas homesteads of Karamoja’s fiercely traditional pastoralists enjoy and witness the common thread lingers all the way down to the most rural of setting making your experience through remote region one that reflects a complex and fascinating nation that has always found a way of turning struggles into joy as you drive through. This drive through Acholi land is a rewarding contemplate of human kind that creates a vibrant mix of people across this part of the continent and of all cultures. Enjoy the Manyattas of the Luo speaking group of people in northern Uganda, proceed with Evening Game Drive before driving to check in at the lodge.

Day 9:Morning Game drive and Afternoon Boat Cruise in Murchison falls national park
After early morning breakfast, drive through this Palm lofted vegetation. Here in Murchison Falls National Park, you begin your journey into the soul of Africa. It is a journey defined by evocative stirring of all your senses at all the same time. It sparks to life with the roar of lions, and the laugh of hyenas, then experience the heightening of these senses, when you feel the ground vibrate of giant elephants cross right in-front of you, never to be forgotten sights and safari moments.
Enjoy the wide range of wildlife in the Nile valley for the best of iconic and unforgettable safari moments in Murchison falls national park. As you drive around watch the plentiful herds of Uganda cobs, heartbeats, water bucks, and buffaloes, giraffes with spectacular view to watch some of beautiful and playful birds of Murchison falls. Drive back to the lodge for lunch and afterwards, drive down for the boat cruise at 02:00 pm.

Afternoon Boat Cruise in Murchison Falls National Park
After lunch, drive down to the river for the afternoon boat cruise up stream to the bottom of Murchison Falls. It gives an opportunity to view the permanent residents of the river; such as, Hippopotamus, crocodiles, just meters away, enjoy the scenic view of Nyamsika Cliff the breeding grounds for pied kingfishers, Red throated bee eaters, and many other wildlife.
This three hours boat cruise provides you with the tranquil sun downer as you cruise back offering the classic view of an equatorial sunset reflected on the river. This is one of the most and unforgettable experience the boat move just along the banks of the river to see animals and birds the frequent visitors of the river such as elephants, buffalos, waterbucks, baboons, warthogs. This is a rewarding experience, enjoyable and memorable. Drive back to the Kampala.

Day 10:Viewing the top of Murchison falls &n Transfer back to Kampala

Driving to the top of the falls is rewarding breath taking scenery, view the majestic waters of the River Nile, as it squeezes through at 6 meters cliff. You have an opportunity to see the violent compression through the narrow gorge creating a continuous roar into devils cauldron creating a trade mark rainbow. Afterwards, drive to the Lodge to check in for overnight.

Day 11:Rhino Tracking at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
After breakfast drive to Ziwa Rhino sanctuary to see rhinos. Register and get prepared for the briefing at the rhino tracking offices. These are the only rhinos in the wildlife here in Uganda. It has been through efforts of the dedicated and committed nature lovers and conservationist, tour operators and funders that is why this project has been successful this far and is growing in heaps and bounds, along with rhinos. There are many other animals that are found in this sanctuary. Tourists play a very important role set off with trained guides who would share their knowledge and experience with rhinos (the white race). After tracking drive to the selected restaurant/Hotel before proceeding to Entebbe international Airport to check in for the flight.