We are specialist in Bird Watching safaris & Nature Photography, offering an exceptional experiences for individuals, groups, seeking a locally based Travel experts who are  knowledgeable about Africa’s habitats, wildlife, and people’s cultures, we pride ourselves on our extensively and well researched Tours that provide comfort and value while returning exceptional viewing opportunities, we encourage Nature loving, Avid listers and relaxed birders, Nature Photographers. We Pride ourselves with the flexibility that offer our clients the opportunity to develop Itineraries with us to ensure that their interest are given priority. We are committed to providing captivating safari packages while taking care of the overall picture, ensuring total client-satisfaction, crew exhibiting excellent communication skills and diverse knowledge of the destinations explored.

Our Safari Guides are in touch with the local communities providing the necessary interface with our clients. We are very reliable and committed to quality more than any other thing and we guarantee excellent value for your money. We retain and consider the complete control of the quality, safety and outcome of client’s experience during their vacation in Africa, We sell well researched complete Travel Itineraries at a very competitive price that can meet Tourist Budget, Needs and expectations. We offer remarkable and memorable wildlife safaris, Remarkable and excellent Birding opportunities across Africa, humbling evidence of African natural history and culture by sharing every bit of detail and taking you to the journey of discove


We are Specialist Bird Watching & Photography company Managed by the local safari experts due to the authenticity of our local knowledge about birds and wildlife. We are passionate about travel. Our Varied experience of Team 0ffer opportunities to meet and exceed expectations of everyone, choose to take advantage of our offers. Tourists have a choice of wide range of Tour packages and giving you the best value for money. If you are looking for remarkable and memorable wildlife and birding Tours in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, African bird safaris is the answer. Do you want to begin your journey of discovery into soul of Africa? African Bird safaris it’s one that engages all your sense from the very first moment, come experience an untouched world of perfect hushed silences and raw wildlife moments.

Whatever experience you are after leave your trip in the hands of friendly professional local experts. BALAENICEPS REX LUXURY SAFARIS is a professional safari company that organizes Bird watching, Wildlife, Community and Cultural experience in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia. Take a journey of discovery from the roots of all the humanity of a human story that Inspired the world and see where the breath-taking Nature stretches out in every direction to the horizon that never end, you will soon feel that this world moves at its own speed and to witness this be part of it is something you won’t forget, coming this close to nature is a vivid reminder as to why we have always been inspired by un-touched wild. We specialize in the quality  Luxury Tours for Responsible Tourism and Eco-Tourism approach, Passionate and committed to conservation.


While many safari companies sell pre-packaged Tours, we pride ourselves in our ability to think outside the box to be able to provide original and unique tailor made safaris to suit our clients’ individual preferences, our experienced Safari consultants enjoy the challenge of creating new and innovative Itineraries, and enjoy buzz that comes with creating your African dream Safari come true. We make a point of keeping our safaris personalized and Intimate with as much as personal contact as possible.


To provide a complete quality services for the best Birding and wildlife Safari Experiences in Africa offering high quality services in  Professional Birding Photography Safaris, community and Cultural experiences



A lot of Birders and Nature lovers are usually looking for the professional local experts due to their authentic local knowledge.

. We offer quick, personalized response to your request to all destinations across Africa

. We offer flexible Itineraries considering your interest and preferences and taking care of our client’s needs up to the last detail to create perfect safaris

. We are passionate about Travel and offer high quality and affordable services with our Team giving attention to make your trip of lifetime

. We have high quality, skilled and professional Travel specialists who are knowledgeable and passionate about Travel who are members of Uganda Bird Guides Club, African Bird Guide Club, Rwanda safari Guides Association

. Our Team of qualified and experienced Travel Experts gives you a high level of personal attention when planning your safari and when you are on safari will need to be assured of quick reply

. We offer competitive and very affordable rates for all the safaris without compromising quality

. We support sustainable and responsible Tourism that enables the benefits of Eco-Tourism and Conservation flow through to the local communities where our clients go

. We offer high quality Bird watching trips across Africa in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa and our birding Tours are led by experienced, energetic, enthusiastic and native professionally trained Bird Guide specialists

. We offer specialist safari trips such as photographic, Primate or Ornithologically focused, because we believe every Traveller has a unique need, timing and ultimately giving you a fresh African experience

. We Take and consider optimum safety standards and comfort while on a safari with us

. We offer home stay safaris which gives clients a great opportunity of understanding what true African living is, experience real Africa meet up with local people, learn about the African Culture and history

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How far ahead should I register?
A. All trips are filled based on the date your deposit is received in the mail. You can also email a registration, and that space will be saved for 10 working days from its receipt with registration confirmation pending receipt of your deposit.

Q. How many travelers per Safari?
A. Groups are small to minimize our impact and to maximize your time with leaders and the social dynamics of the group. A typical size is 6-12 participants, unless otherwise noted.


Q. What kind of accommodations do you select?
A. We try, whenever possible, to use accommodations that blend with the environment, have a good environmental reputation, and that strengthen local communities. Sometimes we have to book the best available close to the natural history site we are visiting. When near airports or in large cities we select a very convenient and comfortable hotel, or if time is spent in the location, an interesting historic hotel.


Q. What about meals, or special diets?
A. Dining out is one of the joys of taking a Safari. We make that special effort to find the best places, ones with creative menus and interesting atmosphere. Of course, attention to food water safety and quality is of prime concern at all destinations. We also specialize in picnic meals served in the field. We notify providers ahead of time whenever there is a special diet, and give you a clear idea of how much you can expect to have local places meet your needs during any journey. If that is difficult, we help you provide for what you need.


Q. Is it comfortable traveling alone?
A. We feel that it is very comfortable. People are friendly and easy to interact with when sharing common interests. Many people plan their next adventure based on friendships made during a safari! You can reserve as Solo Traveler.


Q. What is the pace of the safari and how fit do I have to be?
A. Unless otherwise noted in the itinerary, the Safaris are planned with flexibility in mind as to the pace. We know that some people like to spend every daylight hour in the field and others want a break for relaxation, social time or exploring on their own, and an intimate knowledge of place, we can make options available on any given day except travel days between locations. Most of our travelers like to walk 2–4 miles a day while birding, learning geology, or otherwise pursuing strong interests in natural history. There are options on some days for longer excursions for those that want them. Clear descriptions for all activities are given so you can make informed choices. Our guides have your safety and comfort in mind.


Q. If I still have questions, who can help me?
A. Kenneth Tumusiime is very happy to personally visit with any traveler about any questions. He may be guiding another Safari when you call, but will return your call as soon as he returns. Again, we are a small company proud of our personal service, so please – ASK AWAY! It’s your time, and we want you to fully enjoy, and feel confidant that you can participate fully in, whatever safari you select.