Balaeniceps Rex Luxury Safaris it is a specialist Registered Safari Company in East Africa that specializes in Bird Watching safaris & Nature Photography, offering an exceptional experiences for individuals, groups, seeking a locally based Tour company with expert knowledge of Africa’s habitats, wildlife, and people’s cultures, we pride ourselves on our extensively and well researched Tours that provide comfort and value while returning exceptional viewing opportunities, we encourage Nature loving, Avid listers and relaxed birders, Nature Photographers.

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We Pride ourselves with the flexibility that offer our clients the opportunity to develop Itineraries with us to ensure that their interest are given priority. We are committed to providing captivating safari packages while taking care of the overall picture, ensuring total client-satisfaction, crew exhibiting excellent communication skills and diverse knowledge of the destinations explored. Our Safari Guides are in touch with the local communities in Uganda   Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and across Africa providing the necessary interface with our clients. African Birding journeys
We are very reliable and committed to quality more than any other thing and we guarantee excellent value for your money.

We retain and consider the complete control of the quality, safety and outcome of client’s experience during their vacation in Africa, We sell well researched complete Travel Itineraries at a very competitive price that can meet Tourist Budget, Needs and expectations. We offer remarkable and memorable wildlife safaris, Remarkable and excellent Birding opportunities across Africa, humbling evidence of African natural history and culture by sharing every bit of detail and taking you to the journey of discovery




To provide a complete quality Birding and wildlife Safari Experiences in Africa for Nature & Professional Photography, community and Cultural experiences


Are you Looking for Safari Local Experts?

Travel with BALAENICEPS REX LUXURY SAFARIS for lifetime bird watching and wildlife experiences! B REX specializes in guided birding trips to discover the rare birds of Africa, wild animals, and indigenous culture. Are you a birder? BALAENICEPS REX LUXURY SAFARIS   offers you tailored bird watching safaris to see the rare shoebill stork at Albert Delta in Murchison Falls National Park and in Mabamba wetland and other endemic bird species in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania & Rwanda and across Africa. We complement our birding tours with other wildlife experiences such as, Mountain Climbing to Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya, Mt Elgon, Rwenzori Mountains, Muhavura, nature walks, cultural tours, chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale National park, Kyambura Gorge, and mountain gorilla tracking in the jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park and the Virunga Massif shared by Maghinga, Volcanoes, and Virunga National Park in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo respectively. In addition, BALAENICEPS REX LUXURY SAFARIS offers guided Exciting Game viewing safaris in the savannah parks of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania to help you enjoy the company of wild animals in the wilderness. Join our guided morning, day, and night game drives to enjoy different wild animals grazing and experience predators hunting in the open. Our combined safaris give you a chance to do a variety of attractions across countries to meet, satisfy and exceed your travel expectations on your African Safari.

We offer solo, family, and group bird watching tours as requested by the traveler.



Join this 6 Days Uganda Birding and Wildlife exerience with African Birding Nature.The 6 Days safari helps you to discover the rare birds of Uganda some of whcih are endemic to the area. You will also enjoy game viewing in Murchison Falls & chimpanzee trekkking in Kibale Foerst National Park
This 8 Days Uganda birding safari is an exceptional package to discover different bird species in different parts of the country. The parks to visit on this 8 Dys birding safari are Kibale Forest, Semliki, and Queen Elizabeth National Parks. the safari also entails game viewing and a boat cruise in QENP.
Tailored 14 Days Uganda birding and wildlife experience to discover birds and wild animal of Uganda. The safari takes you to Murchison falls Park, Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth, and Lake Mburo National Parks
Book a customized 5 Days Rwanda birding experience to discover the are birds in the Land of a thousand hills. The birding destinations to visit in these 5 Days include Nyungwe Forest and Akagera National park
Be part of our 30 Days Kenya birding experience with African Birding Nature. The trip takes you to Kenya’s top birding areas which include Nairobi, Mt Kenya, Lake Naivasha, Lake Baringo and Masai Mara plains
The 16 Days Uganda Birding and photography experience is a perfect package o explore the birds of Uganda and wildlife. The safari also involves game viewing, gorilla trekking, and Chimpanzee trekking experience.
Other Wildlife Experiences
The 11 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari gives you an opportunity to witness what is considered as one of the most exciting safari combined with spectacular landscape providing the setting for Africa best classic wildlife safari experience, Photographs of African bush-cloaked hills with commanding views of Africa’s most wildlife arenas, the scene of annual migration of over one million wildebeest.
The 8 Days Uganda birding and wildlife safari is a perfect opportunity to visit the three national parks in Uganda a home and meeting point of African savanna and West African tropical rain forests. The trip entails chimpanzee trekking, bird watching experience and game viewing/boat cruise in Kibale Forest, Semliki Valley and Queen Elizabeth National Parks
The 19 Days Tanzania and Uganda safari is a suitable package to explore the beauty in Tanzania and Uganda the Pearl of Africa. The safari offers you great opportunity for bird watching, game viewing, primate trekking and cultural tours at affordable prices with African Birding Journeys. You will visit the top destinations in Uganda & Tanzania
Enjoy the 14 Days Kenya romantic safari to enjoy the magical experiences in this country. The 14 Days safari takes you to visit Kenya;s top tourist destinations such as Amboseli National Park, Tsavo National Park, Masai Mara National Park and also visit the local communities to meet and interact with local people of Kenya. Discover birds and wildlife in Kenya

Why go birding in Uganda with BALEANICEPS REX LUXURY SAFARIS

This innovation is aimed at making the travel plans for birding easier. This guide also aims at advancing the understanding of Uganda’s nature. We also aim at engaging people of all ages in learning about birds and protecting Uganda’s nature.

Why you should go birding in Uganda

No country beats Uganda when it comes to bird watching. Within just 241,040 km², there are more than 1084 bird species that have been recorded. The country has varied environments where you can go birding; savanna grasslands, swamps and wetlands, tropical rain forests, mountainous places, and more. While in Uganda, you can even see a good number of birds just from your courtyard! On a single birding safari through Uganda, you can see over 600 birds – this is terrific!

One of the best places on earth that has a huge collection of animals in Africa. This is because of the terrain that includes rich savannah grasslands, deserts, rain forests, wetlands, and a lot more. Uganda being the Pearl of Africa makes it an ideal place to be close to nature and if you love birds, why don’t you go on bird watching in Uganda. Uganda is one of the best birding destinations in the world. With over 1065 bird species condensed in a small country, Uganda is a rewarding destination.

While other East African Countries are famous for wildlife safaris, many naturalists would affirm that Uganda offers an experience that is more diverse, exceptional, and breath-taking. There are a billion reasons as to why one should bird in Uganda;

. The numbers speak for themselves. More than 1065 bird species are found in Uganda.
. There are many varied habitats that can be reached in a day and many different birds are spotted.
. It’s not uncommon for a week-long itinerary to produce a trip list for less than 500 bird species.
. Rare birds such as the Shoebill can be easily spotted in Uganda.

East African Birding Guides, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia & Rwanda Professionals

Please note that a knowledgeable guide is key to the success of any organized bird-watching trip. And for independent birdwatchers with high expectations, hiring a local guide is highly beneficial if you are increasing the chances of seeing the less common and much-localized species, contributes directly to the local economy, and creates an incentive to the protection of birds.

Our guides are chosen very carefully on merit. They are personable, knowledgeable with interesting academic and professional backgrounds who have all the skills to conduct an extended birding tour professionally and to make sure every individual has a great time.

Our professional local birding guides have grown up within their areas of guiding (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda), chasing after birds and small mammals as children. They have gone through Bird, Cultural, Wildlife, and general tour guiding courses and belong to regional guides clubs.

Our Knowledgeable Birding guides fluently speak English, and there is hardly a question they are likely not to answer. They will guide you on your excursion, tour, safari to all the birding spots included in the itinerary and work to the best of their ability for every member of the group to see a specific bird at the spot. Their expertise guarantees leading you to sought-after species, hence an excellent experience.

We emphasize quality bird watching tours: The primary aim of our guides is to show you those birds which are remarkable and elusive; the likes of the endemics, restricted-range, endangered, vulnerable, and threatened and all the wildlife